Shurfan for perfumes is part of Shurfan Int. Co. Ltd. which has nearly 50 years in the perfume field. We started our journey by providing suitable perfumes for that time. We, through time, gained our customers’ trust and stabilizing our dignity at the market, we were able to develop ou field with providing what is required and what suits our customers and our values and traditions.

This experience made us the pioneer in importing perfumes from some international companies which have a great experience in the perfume industry in many countries all over the world, European and East Asian countries.

This long period gave us the ability to know the oriental and especially the Gulf region market.

So we provided the finest and the best oriental perfumes which are distinguished with a strong and nice scent, we were not satisfied with that, so we provided the best European perfumes which are distinguished with a unique scent.

Moreover, Shurfan perfumes market and produces natural hair oils which are known for their quality through many years.